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 WHY are you starting this journey with Fit Over 50 Fitness?

Many people have different reasons for starting or continuing exercise routines; for some, it might be to move better, better health or quality of life; for others, it might be better movement in golf,  better agility in tennis, or more endurance for skiing.  Whatever your WHY is, we are glad you choose us to help you get there!

Here is a sample of some of our other clients’ WHY:

“A year ago I decided to begin a formal fitness regime with the goal of getting healthier and protecting my ability to do the things I like to do.  I’d found myself slowing down on the ski hill and unable to complete a full ski day.  18 holes of golf left me sore and tired the next day.  Then a desire to return to aviation meant a visit to an aviation Doctor and passing the FAA medical.
Geoff put a program together for me that addressed all these needs.  Within the first months, strength and stamina returned allowing me to participate in all my favorite outdoor activities and keep up with the grand-kids.  I also passed my FAA medical allowing my wife and I to fly all-round the United States.  This has turned into a journey that doesn’t stop as Geoff continues to motivate me and keep me engaged for the long-term.” – Jon  

“I have been so pleased with improvement in my overall fitness since I have been coming to Fit Over 50 Fitness.  Each session is different and fun.  At 70 years old, I am stronger now than I have ever been.  I have really noticed an improvement in balance, too.”

“And now – TAI CHI!!!  I am enjoying Geoff’s patient teaching!  With a link to practice videos, it hasn’t taken too long to learn the forms.  Graceful?  Ha!  Not yet!  But Geoff always emphasizes that this is a practice.  Perfection is not expected!  It is a no stress atmosphere.  If you have ever wanted to try Tai Chi, this is the place to be!” –  Nancy

“After having surgeries on both shoulders and my back, I was looking for someone knowledgeable for continued rehab and fitness improvement. I’m happy to say that Geoff has been extremely helpful. His vast experience makes my workouts fun and challenging all at the same time but never boring. I can already tell a big difference in my ability to move. I highly recommend Geoff to anyone who wants a first class workout in a great environment.” – Bill
​”Fit after 70 is a better name for me! I have been attending for almost a year and I’m stronger than I’ve been for years. Geoff’s program and coaching makes fitness fun and I never resist getting up and going to class. My knee pain has lessened, my skiing has improved, and I’ve recently added paddle boarding to my list of fun things to do. Thanks Geoff!” – Annie
​”I’m glad I added Tai Chi to my Fit Over 50 Fitness workouts with Geoff. I enjoy the Tai Chi approach to balance, and fortunately Geoff is patient and demonstrates/explains the forms well. This is something I have wanted to try for many years, so if you are on the fence, give it a try! There is no pressure to continue if this isn’t for you.” – Ellen
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“Having worked with numerous trainers, I find Geoff to be not only very good at what he does, but a very caring person as well.  Geoff is not a “cookie cutter” trainer.  I’ve observed him with other clients, and it is obvious that each client’s program is specifically designed for his/her needs.  I’m fortunate to enjoy good health, and at my age (75), I’m not interested in muscle-building, so my workout is geared to strength and stability training in an attempt to prevent trips and falls that come with age.  I feel that the regimen Geoff has laid out for me, along with a good diet (he helped with this, also), allows me to enjoy a lifestyle of a woman half my age.  I am actively involved with our five grandchildren, and they haven’t been able to wear me out yet.” – Hannah
​”2000, the worst of times; I lost my first wife to breast cancer that year after 30 years of marriage. In reflection, I look back and with what I know today about over weight issues we probably should have considered being more active in more constructive ways – of course we had two girls and were going camping, fishing, or hiking but both of us were easily 50-60lbs overweight and probably not eating the best of foods. Shamefully, it took that level of event to get me to wake up and get with it. Of course, I went right out and joined the YMCA with absolutely no idea of what I should be doing. The “Y” folks were very helpful and suggested I use the machines in a given order and other activities they offered. The other services they offered were ladies group classes and I really wasn’t interested in that. Then, a mutual friend introduced me to Geoff and I started going to his small group classes three times a week with the goal of getting into better shape. When I started my journey, I was at 250lbs and now at 180lbs am very comfortable with myself. I am now 65 and I look around at others in my age group and they are either suffering from being over weight, inactive, or just generally “I’m tired all the time.” These folks are younger than me and I look back and thank the stars for what I did. Today there is not a day that goes by that I am doing some challenge that requires a bit of stamina – Thanks to Geoff I can rise to these events and spend full days doing the activities I want to do – not the old routine of I’m gonna go take a nap this afternoon. Thanks Geoff for helping me stay healthier and stronger.” Best regards, Ed
“I have had two personal trainers prior to working with Geoff.  He is head and shoulders above both of them.  Geoff is a true professional.  He is creative and varies the workouts, always gearing them to my limitations.  Geoff has a great personality and is a joy to work with.  It’s been a great three years.” – Sandy B
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​”During the last three years, I have developed a real appreciation for what a skilled and knowledgeable trainer can do for me. When I started with Geoff, both my knees were so stiff that walking without a limp was nearly impossible. Your help with weights, exercise, and stretching has both my knees working wonderfully. For that alone, I will be forever grateful. Many thanks to you, Geoff, for all your great help.” – Jack L.
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“Before I started Geoff’s class, I could barely walk up 26 steps. By the time I reached the top step, I couldn’t breathe or carry on a conversation. If I was sitting on the floor, in order to get up, I had to crawl over to a piece of furniture to help myself up. I was always tired and still had pain in my hips from a previous car accident.” “After attending classes, I feel better than I have in years and the pain in my hips has decreased significantly. I can climb those 26 steps at a faster pace and carry on a conversation without huffing and puffing. I can get up off the floor without support, I can cross my legs, I have a lot more energy, my balance has greatly improved, I have lost weight, and I am very motivated to continue my journey. I would highly recommend his class to anyone!” – Kathy M
“I have been working out with Geoff for over 6 years. Geoff is not your typical “gym/body builder” trainer; he is a trainer with a heart. His caring and compassionate approach for “Everyone is Different” is a must have in a quality personal trainer. My workouts are designed just for my goals and needs. He is a master in mixing up the workouts to keep you from getting bored. He pushes your limits without you even knowing it. I am a stronger and healthier 56 year old who looks forward to my weekly workouts with Geoff and someone who is not intimidated to workout on my own!” – Sue E.
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​”When I first started training with Geoff, my goal was to get back in shape for skiing. With Geoff’s guidance, his skiing workout program got me in top shape for skiing and so much more. My body is leaner (I have more muscle definition), I am stronger, more flexible, and I get compliments on how great I look! If you’re looking for someone who is a true professional, expert in his field, and dedicated to helping you reach your potential, I would recommend Geoff.” – Dr. Steve S.

“I’ve been exercising with Geoff for almost 10 years!!!  He is very professional and always on time for his appointments.  I love his workout style and all the equipment in his studio – each workout is fresh and fun and I look forward to seeing him twice a week.  Thanks Geoff, for making me comfortable in a gym!” –  Jillian H.

“So good.  The group classes are amazing.  Best trainer ever!”  – Cynthia R.

“Love my trainer Geoff Edwards!  He is helping me reach my goal of being fit when I turn 50 this November!  My husband can’t quit raving about my results.  I feel fabulous every day!” – Rachelle G. 

“Geoff’s classes are challenging but fun.  Great trainer!  I have been taking his classes for seven years.  He modifies moves when needed and pushes you when he knows you can do more.  And….despite the name of the studio, you don’t have to be 50+….great mix of  people in classes.  Come give it a try!” – Kathy R.

“I’ve been working out with Geoff Edwards for years, and he’s an amazing trainer!!  His work ethic is off the charts, his humor is perfect to keep you pushing yourself, and his variety of routines keep it fun.  His instruction is tailored to fit each individual, which has been paramount for me due to a couple of childhood injuries.  I couldn’t recommend this man more!” – Brandi L.

“If you want a personal workout in a smaller setting that is personalized for you and your goals, this is the place!  Don’t let the name fool you; he can make the younger crowd sweat to! I highly recommend Geoff.” – Tim P.

​”Fit Over 50 Fitness is the best exercise program I have ever invested in!  It has improved my strength, mobility, and balance considerably because it promotes functional fitness for aging adults.  I am now able to carry my granddaughter down a flight of stairs with ease.  Every exercise and movement has a specific purpose.  If you want to improve agility and movement as you age, you need to check out Geoff Edwards’ program.  He is an amazing trainer!” – Kim F

“I started Fit Over 50 Fitness in late summer to get back in shape, increase my strength and balance.  I can see a difference since attending and feel much better.  Geoff is a top-notch trainer.  He displays a genuineness in dealing with me and others.  If I have difficulty with one of the exercises, Geoff will modify the exercise to fit my needs.  He really cares about his client’s success.  Geoff challenges and motivates me as well as makes the class fun.  The atmosphere of the class is extremely comfortable, and of a harmonious and comradery spirit.  Fit Over 50 Fitness with Geoff Edwards is by far one of the best fitness classes.  I highly recommend.” – Donna K 

“This is the best class I’ve ever taken!  Very challenging and Geoff keeps it fun by changing it up every class.  Really clean studio and it doesn’t smell like a gym.  Actually, it’s so much fun, the class is over before you know it!  Great music too!” – Leslie C

“Geoff makes working out reasonable for me!  I have been going to FOF for almost a year.  This winter, I skied better than I had in years and was able to enjoy a week-long raft trip with ease.  My strength and balance have improved, but most importantly my mental health and attitude is elevated!  Thank you!” –  Ellen L

“I struggle to make myself exercise so I’m really grateful that I found Fit Over 50 Fitness – the atmosphere is comfortable and friendly, Geoff is supportive but holds me accountable, and the workouts are as challenging (or not) as I choose to make them.  I’ve tried many gyms and studios in the area and this one is by far the best workout and value for me.” –  Melissa R

“Excellent trainer and incredible workout!  Geoff Edwards is professional, competent, knowledgeable, courteous and friendly.  Definitely five stars!” – Sue K.

“Fit Over 50 Fitness has made me strong, fit, and healthy.  Geoff’s classes are super fun and different every time!” – Susan G

“Great workout in a convenient, downtown Eagle location.  Geoff is helpful and upbeat, and he varies the workouts so you never get bored.” – Kris S

“Great classes, great trainer!  Lots of flexibility, nice, and clean atmosphere.” – Darcie G

“As a physician, I was looking for a trainer who could offer my wife and me a well designed fitness program that would deliver results along with providing a fun experience that we would enjoy.  Geoff delivered all of the above.  We strongly recommend him!”  –  Marlin

What I love About Fit Over 50 Fitness:
“The facility is clean, pleasant, and well equipped.  The workout props are well modified for “Over 50″ and the exercises are even further modified as needed.  The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.  The clients are friendly and helpful.  Geoff is:  knowledgeable, pleasant and friendly, focused and attentive to all clients, patient (very, very patient), encouraging, and shows confidence in my ability to improve.  I have experienced improvement in my balance, flexibility, confidence, strength, and the accountability keeps me doing what I need to be doing to improve physically.  Some of the fitness games/exercises keep my brain challenged which has shown improvement too.  Oh, and I love the music!!”  –  Katy

​”I’m glad I added Tai Chi to my Fit Over 50 Fitness workouts with Geoff. I enjoy the Tai Chi approach to balance, and fortunately Geoff is patient and demonstrates/explains the forms well. This is something I have wanted to try for many years, so if you are on the fence, give it a try! There is no pressure to continue if this isn’t for you.” – Ellen