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Group Training size, Difficulty, and Prices:

Move – Small group training (up to 6 people) designed for Beginner to Intermediate levels. Training format is a circuit with individual stations so we can accommodate different levels of experience and modifications. More time may be spent moving from each station to insure understanding of the movements and proper form. Also a good fit for people new to functional fitness type movements.

2 session per week = $160/month
3 session per week = $240/month
Drop-ins (4) = $100

Active – (up to 6 people) – Circuit type training format designed for Beginner (with more knowledge of the exercises) to Intermediate levels. Faster transition times between exercise stations than the Move circuit.

1 session per week = $60/month
2 session per week = $120/month
3 sessions per week = $160/month
unlimited = $200/month
Drop-ins (4) = $80

Fit – (up to 6 people) – Group Training designed for Intermediate to Advanced levels of all ages. Faster transition times between exercises, must be able to get up/down off floor easily.

1 session per week = $60/month
2 sessions per week = $120/month
3 sessions per week = $160/month
unlimited = $200/month
Drop-ins (4) = $80

Yoga – Gentile to Moderate Flow Yoga designed for beginner and intermediate levels.  This class incorporates gentile movement sequences, yoga postures, and breath work with focus on alignment, strength, balance, and flexibility.


Tai Chi – Beginning classes – Learn the moves/postures for the Yang Style 24 Short Form (includes video links and posture descriptions/pictures so you can practice at home).
– Regular classes – Put the moves together that you’ve learned in the beginning classes to focus on the Yang Style 24 Short Form.

1 Beginner session/week = $40/mo
2 Beginner sessions/week = $80/mo
1 Regular session/week = $60/mo
2 Regular sessions/week = $120/mo

Note: If you are unsure of what group training is appropriate for you, please come in for a free consultation for explanations and demonstrations of common exercises and formats.

Group Training Descriptions:

All group training will focus on functional fitness; exercises that involve some form of pushing, pulling, squatting, lunging, rotation (core), and balance – exercise movements that you use outside the gym in your everyday activities. We don’t use machines (since sitting won’t help you with balance) but incorporate various fitness equipment in the stations.

Circuits – (includes Move, Active, & Fit Group Training) After a light warm-up, you will travel through different stations designed to work on balance, agility, endurance, cardio, strength and power. We typically use equipment such as Stability balls, Kettle bells, TRX suspension straps, elastic bands, sleds, battle ropes, agility ladders, and more. Most stations are 30-60 seconds each and you will typically perform 3-4 rounds of circuits with water breaks in between each round. The final 5 minutes will focus on flexibility. Total group training times are 45 minutes.

Tai Chi – is a martial art that utilizes gentle, flowing movements to enhance health in the body and mind. The Mayo clinic lists some of the benefits as: decreased stress, anxiety, and depression; increased mental focus; improved flexibility, balance, and agility; enhanced quality of sleep; reduction in joint pain; reduction in the risk of falls in older adults; and the list goes on! Even though it’s a martial art, we don’t train for competition, testing, or belts; we teach it as exercise so I encourage any modifications to movements for any individuals in class. The classes are not about perfection of movement, it’s about moving and helping your body and mind relax. Beginning classes focus on learning the moves/postures for the Yang Style 24 Form. After learning the moves, the Regular classes combine the moves into the gentle flowing form you might have seen people practicing in the parks. Appropriate for all levels/ages. Class times are 30 minutes for Beginning classes and 45 minutes for Regular classes.

Payments (please read before purchasing):

All group training sessions are paid for on a monthly recurring payment in order to reserve your spot in the session/s. Due to limited space in each session, you are paying for a reservation for particular days/times, not the number of sessions, whether you show up for group training or not. All payments are month to month (you may cancel at anytime) and are non-refundable.

Monthly cash payments will not be accepted, however, if you do not wish to pay by monthly debit, you may pay in advance for 3 months of group training. Payment can be made at the studio and is non-refundable.

Note: Some month’s contain five weeks which you will not be billed extra for; we find that the days we are closed for holidays and some vacation days usually equals out throughout the year. In the event you will be missing some sessions, make-up days may be added to the week before and/or after your normal scheduled times if there is room in the other sessions and arrangements are made before dates missed (this is a courtesy to keep you on track; sessions are not banked/made-up later since we are still reserving your spot in the designated sessions). If you will be missing more than a week, please let me know for other arrangements.

SPECIAL!! 3 week Fitness Jumpstart (new members only) = $89
-Includes 9 Move (small group) training sessions (3 per week – must be used in the 3 weeks), weekly email recipes, helpful fitness tips and suggestions, and a one hour interview to discuss health history and fitness goals.

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3 Week Fitness Jumpstart
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Tai Chi Options:

Note: Clients signed up for recurring payments have first priority in reserving a place in group training; drop-ins can attend sessions if room permits and must call or text ahead of time to insure room in class before attending.

Drop-in passes (4 sessions)

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